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Many people will ask me if it is smart to wholesale real estate now instead of rehabbing homes. I can always, and truthfully, answer yes. Wholesaling offers very low risk compared to rehabbing, it also offers a short turn around time compared to rehabbing. When you are rehabbing homes you have either your capital or someone else’s invested into a property for 2-6 months or even longer. With the volatility of the market right now it could change drastically within the 6 months you are waiting to fix and sell the house.

Another reason wholesaling is a good option is because of cash flow. You can have several properties in your pipeline under contract and make quick cash month after month, the wait time is usually 3-4 weeks instead of 3-6 months. You have very little risk if you do it right. We teach how to wholesale using none of yur own credit or money, this takes almost all of the risk away from you, the investor.

Also, you won’t have to worry about surprises with the house when you are wholesaling. If you are rehabbing you will almost always run into surprises that you were not able to find during your inspection. This means more money out of your pocket and more time.

Wholesaling provides a quick, low risk advantage to your investing portfolio.


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