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Wholesaling Houses- How to Find Cash Buyers for my Wholesale Deals 

In today’s real estate market, wholesaling houses provides the best opportunities for real estate investors to cash in big time without having the risks that is tied to taking ownership of properties.  Wholesaling is basically “moving paper”.

Sometimes, you may come across a great deal, but even the buyers that are on your buyers list will not pursue the deal.  If this is the case, what can you do to find a buyer pretty quickly without spending a ton of money on marketing the property?

Well, I’ll share one thing that works for me…

Keep in mind that this technique allows you to search for new buyers for the subject property as well as add more cash buyers to your buyers list for future properties and of course results will vary from area to area.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Visit– When you get to enter the property address of the property that you have signed contracts on.  Once you enter the property address and hit search, the property details will come up.

Then you will need to click on the property address link inside the small box that shows up.

Once you do that, if you scroll down the page a little bit, on the right hand side of the screen there will be a section that says “Nearby Similar Sales”.  Once you spot that section you will want to click on the “See similar sales link in that section”.

After clicking on that link a bunch of recent properties that have sold will show up.  What you need to do next is jot down all of the properties that sold within a 1/2 mile radius of the subject property.

2. Cross reference the “SOLD” Properties– Once you have the addresses of the sold properties, you need to go to your county tax assessors website to find out who the new owners of those are and jot down their mailing addresses.  If the mailing addresses are different than the properties that they have bought, then these are potential cash buyers.

3. Contact the Potential Cash Buyers– Send the potential cash buyers a letter stating that you have a property for sale within the vicinity of the property that they have recently purchased.  Give them a flyer with some information on the property and let them know that you are willing to offer them a great deal on the property.  Give them your contact info and website address (if you are have a site), and wait for the phone to ring.

This is an easy way to increase your chances of selling your properties and finding more cash buyers in your area in today’s market.

Remember, you can’t focus on just one strategy to sell properties you have to combine strategies in order to be successful in this business as a wholesale real estate investor.  Add this strategy to your arsenal and get out there and take MASSIVE ACTION in order to get MASSIVE RESULTS.

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